Saturday, September 28, 2013

It has been 1 year 2months 11 days since The Love of My Life's Number was Up.    And as middleson always says ..... when your numbers up Your Numbers Up..

It has been a great learning curve for me, never having experienced first hand the loss of anyone and never having attended a funeral, and I believe
Don't  stand at my Grave and Weep
I am not there ...........

I should have been prepared but somehow I think I believed The Cussed Ole Scot  when he thought he was Superman.    But his body just gradually broke down.

This is my way of ensuring Our Children remember him.  Not that they will forget, we talk about him all the time.  You may have been an Island - William Gordon Craigie - but you have an Ocean of Love that surrounds You.
The first dream I guess........ is it a case of be careful of what you wish for

Six months later in January 1966 we came to Australia ...... the land of our dreams.

We arrived with three hundred pounds sterling, the clothes we stood in, a suitcase each.  And one container of Wedding Presents on the way..............  in the middle of a transport strike,

We managed to get around but realised we needed wheels in this country, with not much money we purchased our first set of wheels.   This little jalopy did many miles and gave us much pleasure.

Yes I learnt to drive in it, and passed my test the first time.   The Scot's excellent tuition
 This was our 2nd outside the flat we lived in for 2 years whilst saving very hard for our first home.

Whilst saving lots of time was spent fishing (err sorting out the tangles).  Sometimes leaving the flat at 4 in the morning and taking our breakfast with us

Guess who was the better fisherman woman story.
Also some sightseeing

 MARCH  1968


lots of hard work but also lots of fun in between

and then along came TROUBLE

and 2 years later

and 13 months after that

Lots of work, heaps of fun , some gardening but then along came the bane of my life.

The one and only relative that we had in Australia, and I had to look him up.  A bachelor and he visited us for many a Christmas Dinner  but

he was an Apiarist

and  he introduced The Scot to


who then aspired to become an Apiarist.

Of course this Control Freak Perfectionist had to make his own trailer and hives.

I could recount many tales, far to many to be passed on.  But it was extremely hard work as he had to
maintain his job as a Design Draftsman (many more stories there).
Hence not much was done in the garden.

Finally he reluctantly decided to sell them in 1995.
and hopefully I thought we could get the garden sorted.  Not counting on him buying himself a
Metal Lathe and setting up a little workshop for himself.   grrrrr.

to be continued


Anonymous said...

Enjoying this very much, with a few giggles on the way. Interesting to see my Grandmother's nephew John too. Lovely. xxx

Molly said...

Lovely story Birdy, great pictures. You two were brave!

Dee said...

Dear Aubird, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I came to yours today to discover this first posting of yours, which hints at many more stories from your life there in Australia. I do so look forward to reading them. Peace.